The Changing of Seasons

It is gardening season.  Lots of tilling, digging, and sun.  I have been out of work for a few months now.  It has certainly not been all bad, a matter of fact, much of it has been quite good.  I own a mobile home, which has been used as rental property for several years.  It was in substantial disrepair, and now is almost completely restored.  I have taken way too long to do the job, with work taking my time when occupied with that, and my constant fellow of laziness and distraction keeping me occupied too much otherwise.

Another season is that in my life.   I am among the many currently jobless.  It is difficult to find work, and when you do, there are so many without work, the competition is stiff.  Unfortunately, one thing lacking for me is a Bachelors degree or better.  I have been turned down for one job, explicitly due to lack of degree, and I believe it would have given me a competitive edge on other job opportunities.  In response to this, I’ve applied to ETSU for the online degree program.  I still have to talk with an advisor to find out how much class load is practical, and given that, how long it will take to complete the program.

Also, I’m contemplating whether or not getting the degree offered through the online degree program is on track with giving me that competitive edge aforementioned.  If I go for the online program at ETSU, the closest degree to my occupation is Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies with concentration in Information Technology.  I have an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science Technology.  If I do not go with an online degree, ETSU would probably not be my choice, but rather the University of Tennessee.  There are other online degree programs, but I am not so sure they have as good a reputation as ETSU or UT.

In the midst of all of this debate, is the debate of whether or not I should seek work out of town.  I think Nashville would be a pretty good place to live.  It is not a bad drive, having no mountains to cross.  Weighing on this decision is the aspect of expanding my boundaries, throwing myself in a town where I know hardly anyone.  It would be a growing experience, but I really hate the thought of not being close to family.  Of course, they would only be a phone call away, or even a web cam away.  I am praying about it and hopefully, I’ll have some peace one way or another about it, soon.

Lord, lead me in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.  Amen.

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