Dead paper targets

I recently went target shooting.  Is it not funny how we have such fun killing paper.  What did it do to us?  I for one don’t really think paper tastes good, and it is already dead.

Ha ha…

The real reason of course is that I like the challenge of doing something well, the power of a gun, and knowing that under dire circumstances, I could defend myself or my loved ones.

Clean teeth

Have you had more than one hygienist? If not, you should try a couple out. My hygienist, bless her soul, has a knack for inflicting pain. My normal cleaning schedule got messed up a couple times to where I got the other hygienist, and she was SOOO much more gentle. I only tolerate the pain because I think she does a really good job.

Happiness is

Reading a bit from Mr. Solomon’s book of Ecclesiastes, I found a bit of wisdom, so in my words here is a small piece of it.

Not all that makes you happy will end up making you joyful. Not all that is unpleasant will end in making you sad.

Just like taking nasty tasting medicine, we sometimes need to endure a little trial in order to obtain the greater good.

So often, those things that make us happy, or satisfy, like eating a candy bar, only satisfy for a little while and then, in the end, leave a reminder that is difficult to shed.


I’m not so sure I like having it rain every day for 10 straight days. It is not exactly depressing, but it is certainly not invigorating. Don’t get me wrong, the rain this year has been great, making everything so wonderfully green, and I don’t want to complain because the opposite is far worse. It will all work out though because I know whose hand are in control.

Who is more important?

I read from Corinthians about how the different members of the church body all make up the body, and that some are less ‘presentable’, all are important and necessary.  I find it amusing to think of a particular Spiritual gift as being one that you have to put your shirt or pants over, versus the eyes which are necessarily not covered.  Think about that. :)

I love the word of God; it is more than a history book and more than stories, but it is that too.


I love watching my niece and nephew grow up.  It is amazing how they learn and mature so quickly in the early years.  If only we had the energy and charisma of a 4 year old.  If only we could pick up such complex tasks such as talking, with such persistence.   Perhaps we should aspire to act more like a 4 year old. ha ha.