What is it to be thankful?

Mr Webster says:
Main Entry: thank·ful
Pronunciation: \ˈthaŋk-fəl\
Function: adjective
Date: before 12th century
1 : conscious of benefit received
2 : expressive of thanks 3 : well pleased : glad

So, when we are thankful, how do we show it? How many things do we indeed take for granted, as if it were our birthright to have what it is we have? To whom are we thankful?

The way I typically show thankfulness is by telling the giver ‘thank you’. A secondary and perhaps for impressive method is to return favor. And, perhaps another is to show love toward the giver, honoring them for having the goodness to give it.

From day to day, we, most people in the US,  have a plenty of food and shelter. We just expect it. We go beyond our desire for necessity, and often desire the better version of what we already so graciously have been given.

Who do we thank? I thank other people for their graciousness, sharing, for going beyond the call of duty, or just for doing what they probably should do anyway. I am thankful to the people in my life who have done something for my benefit or the benefit of those around me.  Yes, it is right to be thankful to others, but ultimately we should not forget the One from whom all blessings come. Yes, that would be God, Jehovah is his name.

All other things are in vain, without that salvation from sin, death, and hell that has been given in the man Jesus who is the Christ, and who is now my Lord, and ultimately will be everyone’s Lord.

Thanks be to God for all things.

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