Going crazy, spinning out of control

Today I experience the feeling of not having thing in control, namely my niece, nephew, and the local stray dog.  I suppose that it was not completely out of my control,  just had to work hard for control and it was limited. So, not exactly craziness.

I was cleaning on my mother’s car, which I am borrowing while mine is in the shop. My niece and nephew were sent up the hill (they live near) because my sister had some work-related company.  My niece and nephew get bored easily, so being quiet for the extent of such visits is pretty much impossible at this age. Anyway, they wear me thin for patience.

Oh how I love those two kids. I can look back and see that they’re just being kids, but sometimes they drive me crazy, mad, and other things. The virtue of patience is often tested when they come around. This leads me to the hope that God has a large helping of grace for when I have my own children, as I hope he allows such.

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