Daddyhood, month 8

Gracie is such a wonderful baby. I enjoy so much watching her grow, she is growing so fast. It amazes me to see how fast she learns something that is truly new to her.  When I go to learn something, I can so easily throw it on the back-burner, but not so with Gracie.  Gracie works and works at whatever it is that she is learning.  With certain things (crawling) she does get frustrated and tires of it for a time, but in general, she keeps trying till she gets it.

We just started her 9th month and she is learning to crawl.  She has the strength and mechanics, now if she can just put them together.  She has started saying word-sounds like ‘ba ba ba ba ba’, ‘ma ma ma ma’, and ‘da da da da’.  When she wants mommy, she starts up the ma ma ma ma, though I don’t thing she directly correlates it just yet. She has started being okay with others holding her. Mamaw (my mother) and aunt Amy are able to spend some one on one time with her, though she hardly ever lets papaw hold her.  Grand momma and Grand daddy have been closer to her, so she’s never had much problem going to them. My folks are accustomed to being the close grandparents as they were with my niece and nephew, so it is a little hard for them. But, as Gracie gets older, she’ll understand better who they are.

At church, we have started (trying) leaving Gracie in the nursery.  The first couple times, she did not really know what was up, and she was okay for half the service at a time.  Now that she is more aware, she will not have it at all.  There is a great lady in the nursery who is willing to work with her.  She took her for a  walk and let her cry it out somewhat a couple weeks ago. Gracie pitched a pretty good fit that day, but she is okay. Many say the way over that hill is to let her cry it out, which in the context of someone comforting her, I think is probably okay. We are still struggling when is she old enough to just cry until she can comfort herself. At times we have to let her cry and it just has to be okay, for sure, but we do not want to let her cry out of neglect on our  part.

Parenting makes us privileged spectators, challenged stewards, and frazzled managers of God’s wonderful creation.

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