About Mr. Ogle

Howdy there.  Welcome to Ogleisms, random thoughts by Greg Ogle.

A little about myself

I have been an East Tennesseean my whole life, just recently moving to Knoxville and getting married in September to my lovely wife, Cassie. My profession is software development (computer programming), working in my field since 2001 (which by the way is when my sweetheart graduated high school).  In many ways I’m a geek, but not as bad as some portrayals thereof.  The most important things in my are life are faith, family, friends, and career, in that order.


As for my faith, I am a Christian. I try to live in such a way that testifies to my faith. I prefer that my life simply reflects what I am rather than having to wear a label to as the distinguishing factor.  If my faith is not genuine, then why in the world would anyone want it.  If it is fake, it is worthless.


Cassie and I are still in the honeymoon phase methinks.  It is wonderful to have a companion and share the joys of life and all the aspects of love I’ve had pinned up for some time.  Marriage is a wonderful institution.

The rest of my family is pretty tight knit.  My only sister and brother-in-law live close to my parents, so when I was living in my parents addition, I became quite close to my niece and nephew.  They are some of the most precious people in the world to me. My niece is the sweet one at age 4. My nephew has sweet moments, but is comparable to Dennis the Menace and is now 7 years old.  WOW, time has flown watching them grow up so fast.  On the other side of the family, my in-laws are pretty cool.  Cassie and I try to spend time with both families, so that means we dine and sometimes go to various events with her folk.  It is nice to add to the family.


I enjoy travel, though I’ve never been outside the US. The most interesting places I’ve been are Boston, NYC, Charleston, and DC. I do like the beach, yet not a beach bum. The most enjoyable thing I’ve done on the beach is to walk it at night with the glow from the hotels and moonlight. It is so relaxing. Other hobbies are playing piano, guitar, violin, and target-shooting. It seems all of them get neglected, with so many things in life, I don’t get around to practicing enough. Also, I enjoy trout fishing, being with family, and studying the Bible.


Currently I am working for ORNL, programming business applications. I worked at Pilot Travel Centers LLC on contract, and before that, I worked at Jewelry Television ™ for almost seven years.

Favorite Quotes

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchhill

“Okay, Patience: Across the arc of a life lived in faith, it allows the Almighty to be all-mighty.” from Flabbergasted by Ray Blackston

“Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back into the same box.” Italian Proverb

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